Moringa Oleifera “PKM-1 Variety” (Miracle Tree / Horeseradish Tree) Seeds


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The Moringa plant (Moringa Oleifera) grows native in African and Asian regions. It is considered to be an superfood packed with antioxidants, minerals and amino acids. Its wide variety of uses make use of the seeds, roots, leaves, oils, flowers and young pods.

Moringa is considered to be tremendously beneficial to one’s health with a nutritional value ratio surpassing many common foods. It has been called the most nutritional plant on earth. Moringa is said to contain twice the protein and calcium of milk, seven times more potassium then bananas, four times more Vitamin A then carrots and large quantities of Zinc. The immature seed pods, which are called “drumsticks” and lend to the name “Drumstick Tree, are high in Vitamin C. Moringa is also known as Horseradish Tree because the roots have a taste that mimics that of horseradish.

We offer high-quality Moringa seeds from India. This is the esteemed PKM-1 variety. They are a high-yield variety used for oil production and plantation farming.WHOLESALE MORINGA SEEDS AVAILABLE.

Growing Information: Choose a place where the tree is intended to grow, and receives ample sunlight. Soil temperatures should remain above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It is best to plant direct rather than transplanting. Moringa prefers a light and sandy soil. Moringa trees have the ability to grow even in poor soil. Compost and manure are optional but recommended.  You can place anywhere from 3-5 seeds per foot, no deeper than 1.5 inches deep. Keep your soil moist, but be cautious not to over-water the seeds since excess moisture can kill the seeds. In Approx 1-2 weeks under ideal conditions, they will sprout. Germination can be irregular, but the seedlings usually grow quickly once established. When they reach anywhere from 4-6 inches, keep the healthiest, and remove the rest. Common pests include termites and nematodes.  Pinch the tops of your seedlings at about 2 feet to promote bushier plants

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